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Debris: Terre Haute cover

    Steve Norton: soprano, alto & baritone saxophones, bass clarinet
    Arthor Weinstein: guitars, hosaphones
    Matt Turner: cello
    Curt Newton: drumset, percussion
    Keith Hedger: cornet
    Andrew D’Angelo: alto & baritone saxophones

    Recorded October 1991, February 1992
    Engineered by Peter Kontrimas
    Released: May 1993
    Rastascan BRD011

“One of the local highlights of the year”
--Bob Blumenthal, The Boston Globe

“Real danger and real art...this record's very existence is cause for hope.”
--Greg Burk, LA Weekly

“The written material is fresh and spontaneous and the improvising naturally concise...
new melodies and shifting tempos and rhythms spin by in a symphonic sweep.”
--Ed Hazell, The Boston Phoenix


  1. left of never (norton)
  2. tralala (weinstein)
  3. bark dog at the dark fog (weinstein) / 4kv (norton)
  4. debris rouge (weinstein)
  5. oh be my bent recruit (weinstein)
  6. a hole in the sky (norton)
  7. big chocolate cake (weinstein)
  8. a private bell for inexplicable needs (norton)
  9. i can't go on, i'll go on (weinstein)

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