rapture in the church of disreputable daydreams

 d e b r i s  

Debris: Rapture in the Church of Disteputable Daydreams cover

    Steve Norton: soprano, alto & baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, crow call, ocarina
    Arthor Weinstein: guitar, hosaphones, bongophone, vibrators, barbie box, toys
    Bob Ross: 6 string, 8 string & fretless basses, loops, tape collages, hosaphone
    Curt Newton: drumset, percussion, xylophone, slide trumpet, kazoo, whistles

    Recorded: July 1994
    Produced and engineered by Myles Boisen
    Released: July 1996
    Music & Arts CD-927

... Debris picks up the pieces after the train wreck of jazz and rock and puts them back together as something categorically fresh.”
—John Shiurba, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“A thrilling - though arduous - journey through noise, avant-garde and free forms ... it's like going on a rollercoaster: some people get sick to their stomach, others have a hell of a good time.”
—Jazzpodium (Germany)

“...[E]leven diving, jolting improvisiations with an effective blend of thundering force and collective finesse...This release documents the continued growth of this ensemble and is highly recommended.”
—Michael Rosenstein, Cadence


  1. Desk (Ross)
  2. Push Yourself Around (Norton)
  3. Behind A Rolling Ball Comes A Running Child (Weinstein)
  4. Pliers From Heaven (Norton, Weinstein, Ross, Newton, Boisen)
  5. No Thyme On My Pheasant (Norton)
  6. The Boots Of Ascension (Norton, Weinstein, Ross, Newton, Boisen)
  7. Rear Window Defogger (Weinstein)
  8. Thalidomide (Ross)
  9. Why Things Float (Weinstein, Ross, Newton, Boisen)
  10. Desk (Ross)
  11. Observed In The Breach Rather Than In The Keeping (Weinstein)

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