Debris & Splatter Trio: Jump Or Die: 21 Anthony Braxton Compositions 1992

 d e b r i s  

Jump or Die cover (Big)

    Steve Norton, Arthor Weinstein, Curt Newton, Keith Hedger

    Splatter Trio
    Dave Barrett, Myles Boisen, Gino Robair

    Randy McKean, Gregg Bendian, and Tom Plsek

    Recorded: May 1992
    Engineered by Peter Kontrimas
    Released: May 1995
    Music & Arts CD-843

“Worth a good deal of anyone’s time... Sensitive and well thought-out, the album’s a vital addition to the already substantial body of Braxton material on CD.”
—Will Montgomery, The Wire

“A boldly successful collaboration”
—Bob Blumenthal, The Boston Globe

“... [V]ital and absorbing... Jump or Die grabs your attention ... and doesn’t let go. These players have not only captured the spirit of Braxton’s music, they have absorbed it and made it into something of their own. Anyone with even a passing interest in the exhilarating possibilities still open to improvised music owes it to themselves to check this out.”
—Michael Rosenstein, Cadence Magazine


  1. Compositions 40E (+40D) + (40P + 69Q) + 40(O)
  2. Composition 48
  3. Composition 23D (+108A)
  4. Composition 50 (+53)
  5. Composition 142
  6. Composition 15
  7. Compositions 69L + (122 + 69I) + 69D
  8. Composition 74C
  9. Compositions (120D + 90) + (23C + 133)

This record is a collaboration between Debris and some of our favorite musicians: Splatter Trio, Randy McKean, Gregg Bendian and Tom Plsek. Several of the pieces are premiere recordings.

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