flex foot, stab self twice
(7" vinyl)

 d e b r i s  

Flex cover

    Steve Norton: saxophones, bass clarinet
    Jeff Hudgins: saxophones, voice
    Arthor Weinstein: guitars, hosaphones
    Bob Ross: basses, loops
    Curt Newton: drumset, percussion
          with special guest
    Herb Robertson: trumpet (on Flex Foot)

    Recorded: New England Conservatory (live)
    Wellspring Sound, and WMFO
    Engineered by: Eric Kilburn, Perry Mertins, Bob Ross

    Do not hold your breath for this one. Originally scheduled for release summer 1997, it has been shelved indefinitely due to the implosion of Eighth Day Music.


  1. Flex Foot, Stab Self Twice  
  2. 87 Seconds over Los Angeles  
  3. 87 Seconds Blong Kloset
  4. 87 Seconds with the new in-laws  

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