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Debris: Errata cover

    Steve Norton: soprano, alto & baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, toy piano, game calls
    Jeff Hudgins: soprano & alto saxophones, voice, subcontrabass winebottle, khene, wood flute, baritone saxophone on Mr. Plod’s Helmet
    Arthor Weinstein: guitars, mandolins, string preparations, household devices
    Bob Ross: 6 string, 8 string & fretless basses, loops, tape collage, beavis, cow
    Curt Newton: drumset, dumbek, prototom, percussion

    Recorded: August 1996
    Recorded by Eric Kilburn
    Mixed by Bob Ross
    Released March 1997 by the now-defunct Eighth Day Music (EDM80011)

*** “Boston-area quintet Debris are masters of meaningful musical non sequiturs, purposeful whimsy, playful obscurity, and high-intensity improvisation. Their latest CD sandwiches short vignettes in which they obsess over arcane sonic minutiae between epic works of knotty grand designs. Saxophonists Steve Norton and Jeff Hutchins snarl and weep impressively during the collective improvisations on “Pretty Big Tub,” then sound reasonable as chemists on “30 Years of Drinking Bourbon,” a thoughtful duet of intuitive, contrapuntal give-and-take. Guitarist Arthor Weinstein’s solos on “MintcrumbX” and “Drive-In Utopia” are like dances in an iron foundry—quick, graceful lines bathed in molten colors and gritty textures. And his attention to detail adds brilliance to a quiet interlude on “For As Long As You Own Your Car.” Bassist Bob Ross navigates the music’s funky backbeats as easily as its odd time signatures and arrhythmic pulses (as one of the album's primary composers, he’s responsible for many of said signatures and pulses), and he plays with an especially lyrical tone. Drummer Curt Newton has passionate drive and makes even the most errant change of direction sound both natural and rational.” —Ed Hazell, The Boston Phoenix


  1. L'Histoire du Pling et Thud  (norton)
  2. Drive-in Utopia  (weinstein)
  3. Pretty Big Tub  (ross)
  4. Poor Henry No Cigar  (ross/weinstein)
  5. Mr. Plod's Helmet  (ross)
  6. 87 Seconds and That's All You've Done?  (norton)
  7. Sleeping Dogs  (weinstein)
  8. Jeff and Steve, Sausalito  (hudgins/norton/ross)
  9. Fizzle 6  (weinstein)
  10. MintcrumbX  (hudgins)
  11. Genuflect  (ross)
  12. Regarding the cumulative effects of . . .  (weinstein)
  13. Slag  (newton/ross/weinstein)
  14. 30 Years of Drinking Bourbon  (weinstein)
  15. 87 Seconds, No Waiting  (norton)
  16. Bird Shit Magnet  (ross)
  17. For As Long As You Own Your Car  (weinstein)

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