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Jeff Hudgins

Saxophonist Jeff Hudgins joined Debris in 1994. He has performed with Jimmy Giuffre, George Russell and the Jazz Composers Orchestra. Jeff currently performs the music of John Zornís Naked City with Prelapse, jazz with the trio Larobok i, and rock with Firepig. His playing can be heard on Larobok i’s debut CD on Geode, and on Events Dancing: Recent Compositions By Pozzi Escot And Robert Cogan on the Music & Arts label. He studied performance & composition with Jimmy Giuffre and performance with Joe Maneri, Ran Blake and Dominique Eade. Jeff holds a Masters in 3rd Stream Studies from New England Conservatory.

Steve Norton Saxophonist Steve Norton was a founding member of Debris. He was also a founding member of Either/Orchestra, contributing to three of their recordings. He is a member of the Great Circle Saxophone Quartet, whose recording Child King Dictator Fool was released March 1997 by New World/Crosscurrents. Steve has also performed and/or recorded with Herb Robertson, Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, Tim Berne, Steve Adams, Henry Kaiser, Gino Robair, Tom Plsek, Gregg Bendian, Andrea Parkins, Laurence Cook and Craig Schildhauer. Steve studied performance with Steve Adams of ROVA and George Garzone, and composition at Berklee College.

Bob Ross Bassist Bob Ross was a founding member of Debris, for which he will most assuredly rot in hell. He has played with Lisa Loeb, Steve Hunt, Skip Hadden, Thalia Zadek, Adam Sultan, Peri Lyons, Joe Niski, Steve Weisberg, Ken Winoker, Rock Savage, and Andrew Essex, most of whom will deny it vehemently. He too holds a Masters Degree from the New England Conservatory, where he studied composition with Lee Hyla and Joe Maneri. They'll probably deny that also.

Curt Newton Drummer Curt Newton joined Debris in 1989. His work with guitarist Joe Morris can be heard on the Soul Note CDs You Be Me and Symbolic Gesture. Curt also plays regularly with Chicago-based reedist Ken Vandermark; they can be heard together on the Steelwool Trio’s debut CD International Front on Okkadisk, and Utility Hitter by the Barrage Double Trio on Quinnah. His current improvised music group is a trio with pianist Hans Poppel and bassist Nate McBride. Curt studied with Bob Gullotti and jazz performance at New England Conservatory.

Debris has gone through many incarnations since its inception in 1986. Previous members have included

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